Excluded Diesel Vehicle Reporting System
Use this site to report pre-2011 vehicles not subject to Truck and Bus regulation reporting requirements
  • EDVR is for model Year 2010 or older vehicles. Only report 2011 or newer if directed by CARB staff.
  • Effective January 2024, all non-gasoline, GVWR over 14,000, must register in CARB's new Clean Truck Check Reporting Database .
Please have the VIN, License Plate, and Registered Owner information ready before proceeding, and be prepared to take and upload the photos required by each reporting type.
  1. If you are reporting that your vehicle meets one of the exclusions, please see the list of photos required for each exclusion: More Info
  2. For examples of submission photos, please see: More Info

To minimize the possibility of registration delays, please submit documentation that is complete, legible, and accurate, well in advance of your registration due date. Submitting documentation that is incomplete, illegible, and/or inaccurate will result in rejection of this form, which may subject you to DMV fees for temporary or late registration.

13 CCR § 2025(z) [the Truck and Bus Regulation] states: “Any person…who knowingly submits any false statement or representation in any application, report, statement, or other document filed, maintained, or used for the purposes of compliance with this regulation may be subject to civil or criminal penalties under sections 39674, 39675, 42400, 42400.1, 42400.2, 42402.2, and 43016, of the Health and Safety Code.”

To learn more about how CARB utilizes your personal information, click the
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Policy here, or at the bottom of every page.

For assistance: Please contact the CARB Diesel Hotline 1-866-6DIESEL (1-866-634-3735) or email: 8666Diesel@arb.ca.gov
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